Prostate cancer diet and exercise,

Sport-management Tourism and Recreation We welcome any materials to the congress lecture, video, poster, etc.

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We can have pages and pages of example from different scientific areas, the arts and economics where great ideas were born during physical exercise. It is our pleasure to continue this great tradition. The 20th occasion will be celebrated with leading scientists, who will lecture on the opening day. The key-note lecture will be delivered by prof.

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John O. Holloszy M. Address: Budapest XII. District, Alkotás utca The official opening of the Congress by Prof. Miklós Tóth, dean and Prof. Zsolt Radák vice dean for Science Presentations: Prof.

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Miklós Tóth Members: Dr. Anna Farkas, Dr. Karsten Froberg Members: Dr. Ferenc Ihász, Dr. István Karsai Members: Dr. Miklós Bánhidi, Dr. Mitsuru Higuchi Members: Dr. Anikó Pósa, Dr. Kornél Sipos Members: Dr. Erzsébet Rétsági, Dr. Tibor Hortobágyi Members:Dr. István Karsai, Dr. Nagy, Mátyás G. Caroline Fusco Members: Dr. Marina Udalova, Dr. Natalia Zakharyeva Members: Dr. Students — Chair: Dr. Edward Coyle Members: Dr.

Márta Wilhelm, Dr. Pareja-Galeano, T. Brioche, C. Jovani, MA. Sanchís-Gomar, C. Martínez-Costa, J. Tibor Hortobágyi Members: Dr. Márk Váczi, Dr. Main Prostate cancer diet and exercise, Room 40 — Chair: Dr. Andor Molnár, Dr. Brioche, F. Sanchis-Gomar, VE. Martinez-Bello, B. Ferrando, R. García-Vallés, J. Main Building, Room 43 — Chair: Dr. Arlette Delamarche Members: Dr. Edward Coyle, Dr. Joseine Cillar associate professor University of Rennes 2 Dr. Arlette Delamarche professor University of Rennes 2 Dr.

Caroline Fusco associate professor University of Toronto Dr. Mitsuru Higuchi professor Waseda Univeristy Dr. Tibor Hortobágyi professor Groningen University Dr. Andor Molnár assistant professor University of Szeged Dr. Anikó Pósa associate professor University of Szeged Dr.

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